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Shower Cabins to Transform Family Bath Time

thumbsI am a big fan of shower cabins because they bring flexibility to any home. Rather than going to a steam room down at the local gym alone and ultimately sharing the space, I decided to simply crash at home—after a long day for just a few minutes and become relaxed with a steam shower cabin. 10-15 minutes is enough to get past your afternoon wall that most of us face and that takes up just 1 gallon of water!

Shower cabins offer several features than ordinary shower enclosures.  In fact, most shower cabins are all-in-one units, consisting of the enclosure, tray, body and shower jets, not to mention the several extra options that most shower cabins now offer, including music, fragrance, steam, and seating as well as LED mood lighting—some double up as sunbeds.

A shower cabin which is packed with features such as color-changing mood lights and music will keep your kids happy at bath time. Also, take note of the humidity and heat of such steam shower cabin—very helpful in opening up the pores of your skin to that you can get a deeper and even more beneficial clean. There is usually a lot of congestion is the pores that just won’t come out no matter how you wash under normal circumstances—even if you’re an expert at exfoliating or scrubbing. The bacteria, dead skin, and trapped 4594751216dirt come out to the top layers of your skin, providing an even clearer complexion when used regularly.

A shower cabin, especially the steam types also provide an excellent treatment for a couple of respiratory problems, particularly for childhood ailments such as croup. Therefore, steam baths are very important for your kids and will help in opening up breathing channels, easing problematic symptoms. Steam showers are not meant for kids only, however, since some of the best steam showers also work with other issues such as laryngitis, sinus issues as well as cases of asthma.

One of the major reasons why I also like using shower cabins, particularly the steam ones, is that they help reduce physical stress and other emotional symptoms. A hot steam works to boost circulation throughout the body and this is particularly helpful in expanding the muscle tissues that release tightened knots you can feel. A steam shower aids in the release of endorphilis which causes proper mental relaxation thus saving you an expensive trip to a spa.

Steam shower cabins come with different features and styles, but definitely your first choice is going to be along the lines of a fiberglass or acrylic shower. I personally prefer acrylic ones to fiberglass showers because they are easier to maintain and clean but the porous material of fiberglass shower cabins can give added strength. When buying a shower cabin, I recommend looking for those with an aluminum alloy frame for additional strength.