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Steam Mops – Are they Worth the Cost?

1212671_3_originalA colleague recently purchased a new home and where she used to live was mostly carpet. Now where she lives is mostly hardwood and tile so every day is a lot of work cleaning new floors with the traditional handheld mop. She had to purchase a steam mop and says that move made her life easier. She says steam mops are the way to go but for whatever reasons, I deemed it wise to start performing some research on whether steam mops are really worth your money and here’s what I found out.


Most steam mops range in price from about $50-$100. This is over 2X the cost of purchasing a traditional handheld mop.

Electricity costs

In addition to the price of steam mops, these gadgets are electrically powered which means additional costs.

Cleaning Power

A steam mop is effective at sanitizing and cleaning floors, especially in high traffic areas of your house with grime and seep set dirt.


Since steam mops have electrical components and a water reservoir, they get particularly heavy than their traditional counterparts and, therefore, more difficult to use.


A steam mop doesn’t require you to find a mop bucket or even large amounts of water on your floors. This makes them less messy when compared to traditional mops.

Environmental Impact

In terms of environmental impact, steam mops are better than the traditional handheld mops since they don’t require chemical cleaners. This makes them a better choice over the traditional models.

Steam mops Vs Traditional Mops

My findings were particularly interesting. In each of the tests I performed such as removing strawberry jam, muddy footprints, and pasta sauce—there were steam mops that did a great job than the traditional regular mops. But there were several steam mops that didn’t do the job well across the 3 assortments. Therefore, while there were good steam mops in our tests, there is potential to trump the traditional mop one day, steam mops didn’t take the top spot for overall rating.
I came up with a variety of reports after completing my research. Some of my conclusions were that some steam mops are so useless because they didn’t get hot enough to disinfect and deep clean. Other types of steam mops were overwhelmingly heavy when using them. You know what this means? You’ll need to lug around your traditional handheld mop. Also, there were types that only allowed me to clean for just about 7 minutes and then I would stop to refill. Some people have issues with the length of steam mop cords for the rooms they’re trying to clean.

Steam mop reliability

There is also another very important factor—reliability. Most customer reviews across the internet bring up this factor and complain of reliability problems with their steam mops. Off the back of this, I included a durability test to have a complete and standard analysis. Personally, I haven’t experienced any reliability issues before with regard to my steam mop other than an issue with molting when the mop gets old, breaking the thin plastic wringers. In spite of this, I solved both problems with a relatively cheap trip to the shops.

So, are steam mops worth it?

I’ll answer the question this way—steam mops universally thrive over regular or traditional mops on floors that are usually left much dryer after a cleaning task. This means less tip-toeing around the room from patch to patch as you wait for the floors to dry. A steam cleaner lets you clean your floors without the need to use chemicals and this is very appealing to many. Incidentally, there are steam mops that have detergent dispensers to handle stubborn stains. In my opinion, a steam mop is worth your money because it’s easier to use than a traditional handheld mop, saving you from having to dunk mops repeatedly in a bucket and slide along the floors as you clean.

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