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My Favorite Healthy Snack Guide for your Kids

600_ss1_apple_grape_carsAre your kids snacking more than ever? Wondering what to do as a parent? It’s time to make those snacks really helpful. Snacks offer extra calories and yes, the reality is that most snacks are often too sugary. Regardless of this, snacks can still be perfectly good for your kids—of course within limits.

Kids, particularly the young ones have really erratic eating habits and it’s the healthy snacks that will fill those nutrition needs. One other benefit of snacks is that they can keep your kids’ energy up, making up for skipped or skimpy breakfasts and offer fuel before and after school sports or similar activities. I prepare snacks for my kids and they really enjoy them. Want to prepare some for your kids too? Here’s how:

Easy biscuits

Not only is baking  an ideal way to cook, but it also helps you teach your kid some essential kitchen skills. Home baking is gradually growing in popularity. It’s also an easy and cheap way of creating very delicious biscuits, benefits, and snack bars. It also means you have complete control over what goes into your kids’ snacks. Easy biscuits can be easily flavored however you like. Your kids will definitely enjoy them. The dough might stick to the table so dust with flour to avoid this. By

Sultan Bran Kid snack bars

This type of snacks makes a great lunchbox or after-school snack for your kid.  Sultan branPEY1009_TSN_AllSnacks_P_new snack bars are incredibly easy and quick to prepare. They are very delicious ad great for grown-ups too. They are most ideal for stopping your hunger as well as satisfying your sweet tooth with their mouthwatering fruity taste.By

Granola Bars

Sometimes kids get very skeptical of new meals, particularly if they look healthy.  It’s advisable to delight them at snack time with some of these appealing and delicious recipes that you can easily prepare ahead of time or even on the fly for quick after-school snacking. This kid snack recipe is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. The beauty about this is that you can prepare them together!

Always think of the snacks as mini meals.  Snacks are a great way to provide your kid with protein, carbohydrates, fiber as well as other healthy fat. Ideally speaking, foods that are rich in fiber and protein provide your kids with the energy they require to stay fuller for longer. They also offer nutrients to help your kids thrive. by