Cool Outdoor Games for your Kids – That Cost Nothing


outdoor-activityThere are several ways to have fun with your kids whether you’re on a budget or not. I created this post to offer suggestions for some of the things to do that won’t cost a bean or which cost very little. These are some of the activities I do with my kids and are ideal for making the money I have to go that bit further during weekends or holidays. You may consider scouring your local listing for some of the activities or places to go that don’t charge a dime!

Nature trailing at the park

If your kids are bored of their local playground, then it’s time you widened up your horizons to outdoor spaces like parks in your area. I’m pretty sure there is a beauty spot that you haven’t explored nearby or s stately home in your area with grounds your kids can wander with you free of charge.

Wooden parks are particularly a great hotbed of nature. Take out your kids to discover these and go on a nature trail. Get the kids to look at their surroundings in more detail. What else can they see when they look into the pond—dragonflies, fish or frogs? Find some paper and do bark rubbings, collect cones from pines to use in decorating back home. Point out the various types of trees and ask them to find out as many different leaf varieties as they can…

What about time at the garden center?

I like garden centres because I find most of them surprisingly child-friendly. Most of the rocket-top-trampoline-cover-from-Searsbigger ones have aviaries, aquaria as well as nice cafes to easily while away your morning wandering around and looking at the animals. Also, strolling through the flower and plant displays is rather nice and most centres have play areas for kids.

Simply top off your morning with cakes and a cup of tea all round at the café, particularly if you’ve been thrifty all week. Be sure to add your local garden centre to your list of outdoor activities.

A culture trail

Museums, particularly the big old ones, are full of excitement for children across all ages. Talk of the more sedate art galleries for older children. Also, most museums are free of charge. Therefore, if you find the experience is lost on your kids, you won’t have wasted any money. Most kids are incredibly fascinated by the different kinds of collections like the Egyptian relics, dinosaurs, Roman coins as well as stuffed animals. Additionally, there are chances that your local museum runs specific activity days and culture trails for kids to help bring the exhibits come to life.

A day at the beach

Who said beaches should be reserved for the summer? Out of season means miles of sand to yourself and the kids which means greater fun and place to burn off energy with bracing walks along the shores, or a game of rounders or cricket. Most beaches have interesting natural sceneries too so scour the surf for pebbles and shells, or just get your wellies on and start exploring some rock pools.

Visit to the movies

This last one isn’t free, but you can sometimes get free tickets or low-cost offers. My kids did perfectly well from the age of 3 as regards taking them to the cinema. The only trick here is to figure out which movies to pick is to determine what they like at home. My children all have different tastes in movies, so I have to take them one at a time. They will occasionally get bored during exposition which calls for a quiet reminder from me.

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